Muscle Building Diet

Keto diet vs. High-carb diet when building a muscle

Although you can build up muscles even with ketogenic diet, some people just prefer high-carb diet when specifically building up muscles.

You can succeed doing both. The difference is that you don’t get same health benefits eating high-carb foods as if you were eating keto foods.

How does muscle-building diet look like?

Muscle-building diet contains high-carb foods, medium/high amount of protein and low fat.

If you enjoy eating white rice, potatoes, whole-grain pasta or bread and it does not cause you any health conditions like bloating or fatigue, then maybe this diet is the right choice if you want to build up muscle.

Perfect solution to muscle-building

I have tried this way of eating and it definitely helped me build some muscle mass during my weight lifting phase, however, it caused me lot of bloating.

In addition, I got very excited about health benefits of keto and that is why I decided to switch to keto, which provides long-term health benefits.

Wanna try flexible keto for building the muscle?

If you’re interested in both, then maybe Cyclical ketogenic diet or how I call it “flexible keto diet” is a good choice for you.

If you’re interested in muscle-building diet meal plan or coaching, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.

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