About me

I work with female entrepreneurs teaching them how to change their eating habits and keep in shape to get along with their busy lifestyle.  

Let’s face it… We, women, we take care of how we look. We want to be liked and admired. Not only by what we do professionally, but feeling good in our bodies gives us confidence that changes everything.

Believe me, it even changes the way you approach your prospect or have meetings with your clients. That CONFIDENCE glowing from you when you talk in front of an audience or talking to your client in an important meeting, gives you enormous results.

Feeling confident because you like your body is nothing to be ashamed of. It is actually very important, both in your private and professional sphere. And that’s what I would love to help you with…

I’m Veronika, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast dedicated to getting female entrepreneurs in shape and improving their lifestyle.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2015. I hated meeting my prospects, even though I knew I can do it, it’s just that lack of confidence I had in myself. I just did not feel so good and confident about my body. I always wanted to have that awesome nicely defined body that I would be PROUD of. And not only that, it was so important for me to be and feel healthy.

My weakness were and always are sweets. It’s so hard to get rid of the sugar in your diet, but believe me, it’s POSSIBLE! Anything is possible if you try hard and work on yourself.

Now, I know how hard it is to cook healthy meals and go all the way according to your planned macros, etc. But if you really want that hot body and confidence, you gotta have to fight for it. And I’m here to help you just like I helped myself.

I also had a personal trainer and nutritionist at the beginning to help me, which I’m so grateful for. My goal was to loose fat and gain muscle.  I have put on muscle weight in all the right places, through a strategic training process, customised diet, and devotion to a better me.

The personal growth in this journey has produced a stronger, happier and healthier me.

Now, I’ve helped not only my husband but other women overcome this challenge. Challenge of eating right food and exercise regularly.

Maybe your goal isn’t the same as it was mine. It doesn’t matter. The principles I’m using can be utilised in every area of your life to help you become the best version of yourself.